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Best Android Phone

Best Android Phone

Buying an android phone is not an easy task as purchasing iPhone in which you just have to decide between black and white. While choosing an android phone you have to select the appropriate features but reward of this challenging task is high.

Android technology is available in various versions but the most latest is 4.2 Jelly Bean and Key Lime Pie which will be introduced in few weeks. Older technologies include Ice-Cream sandwich and Gingerbread which are very slow in processing.

Android 4.1 Jelly Bean also introduced various features including information related to weather, transport and various others.

Following are the few important features which must be present in the cell phone you are going to buy.


It is the heart if the phone. More the speed faster will be the working of the phone. Quad core and 8-core processor will make phone a power house but dual core is also not that much slow.

Phones equipped with quad core processor are not the always a best choice. They are suitable only if you have to perform heavy tasks like playing 3D games. For normal mobile use dual core is the best choice.


Next feature to look in your mobile is screen. 4.2inches screen is not that much special as 4.8inches and even larger of 6.5inch. But larger the screen more will be the battery consumption.


Last but not the least camera is also an important feature to look in the cell. It must be cleared that higher megapixels does not mean good pictures. Picture quality depends on quality of the lens, image processing chip and software. Some cells with average megapixel camera often give good result which proves that good quality pictures need better lens and other things rather than higher megapixels.

Following are the reviews given on CNET UK about best Android phones.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2:

It is the best smartphone for those who give priority to large sized screen. It has even larger screen than its previous version, Galaxy Note, with a powerful processor of quad core.

Google Nexus 4:

It has the splendid HD screen which can be competed only by Galaxy Note 2. Having bundles of software still it offers very low price so it can be regarded as the best Android smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S4:

Samsung Galax S4 is regarded as the best Android smartphone of present age. This set has full HD screen. This set has plastic casing which is the only drawback.  Some people may find difficulty while using it but still it is at the top position.

HTC One:

It is the best smartphone produced by HTC till date. Unique software, excellent camera and Full HD display are the features which enabled it to compete with giants like S4. Further it has quad core processor and metal casing.

Sony Xperia Z:

It can be regarded as best looking android phone with powerful processor and connectivity. It lacks 4.2 Jelly Bean technology and screen size is too large i.e. 5inches which is not suitable for everyone.

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