Review of Best Smartphones of 2013 Available in Market

Posted on Jul 4 2013 - 12:00am by Bakhtawar Shaukat

In Year 2013 Best Smartphones have provided every pocket a mini computer. So many different types of smartphones are there in the market which means they are made affordable for all.

If you have any problem in choosing the best Smartphone this post will help to sort out this problem.

best smartphones 2013

best smartphones 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4:

It is one of the Best Android Phones and also Best Selling Smartphones

Expert Opinion:

It is an updated version of the best Android Smartphone of the last year, Galaxy S3. It became highly popular among smartphone users.

It is very slim and light in weight. It weighs only 130g and still has a screen of 5in. for the first time AMOLED screen with full HD resolution is provided in any smartphone of Samsung. This technology has increased the number of pixels from 306 to 441 so the images will be sharper.

Its speed is extremely fast in processing all the apps because it uses the processor of 1.9GHz than that of 1.7GHz in its predecessor. The battery of 2600mAh provides the battery timing of 10hours 45minutes which is up till the longest among all smartphones.

Some people compare it with HTC One but the former has larger screen and longer battery timing.

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Motorola Razor HD:

Best Motorola Smartphone 2013 with large battery.

The Kevlar black panel, scratch free screen are the most attractive features in the cell. Using 2530mAh battery the set provides of 14hrs.the screen size of 4.7in and resolution power of 1280*720 pixels is quite similar to that of Galaxy S3.

The specifications of the cell include jelly bean android technology, processor of 1.5GHz and camera of 8 megapixels.

HTC One:

Samsung Galaxy S4 has given a strong competition to HTC One but it has still managed to sustain its worth due to the strong features. It looks beautiful in metallic casing, and screen of 4.7in.

While holding in hand it gives a costly look and the sharp color display makes Android use joyful. The processor of 1.7GHz gives it a high speed.

Keeping all aside this phone resembles Sony Xperia Z in its software. The heavy tile display provides recent news and feeds from all types of social media. If you do not want to see the news information on the home screen you can change the order to standard Android. If someone wants to buy a nice looking phone in elegant design this phone will be best for him but Samsung Galaxy S4 has an edge of long battery timings and large screen size.

Samsung Galaxy 3:

It was one of the best Android Smartphone at its time but now it has been replaced by its improved version S4. But it is still available at rates lower than before. This set also has interesting features. If you open a contact number and then bring the phone near your ear it will make a call automatically.

Google Nexus 4:

This phone with Google brand is prepared by LG. it has quad core processor of 1.5GHz, 4.7in screen and camera of 8mp.

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