Revealing Features of New iPhone 6

Posted on Apr 25 2013 - 9:36pm by Bakhtawar Shaukat
Features of New iPhone 6

Features of New iPhone 6

Jeremy Howirtz, chief editor of iLounge, wrote that upcoming iPhone which can also be called “economical iPhone” is somewhat similar to iPhone5 but will appear with various new designs and characters.

Sharing his words with DigiTime reporter Horwitz said that the new version will have a plastic casing in fact it will be a combination of metal and plastic. It won’t look like other Apple’s older iPhone 3G nor would it resemble other plastic models of iPhone. Rather it will totally be a new technology which is basically a hybrid of iPhone5 and 5th generation iPod touch having shape of iPod classic and bottom similar to iPod touch.

The most striking feature of this upcoming new technology is that the user can see its interior from outside. According to reports of Digi Times if this news is true the Budget iPhone 6 will be similar to iPhone 5 in appearance and to iPhone3GS in having plastic casing. The translucent enclosure design is taken from Bondi Blue iMac so that its internal parts are visible to users. This technology has been introduced for the first time in Apple’s iPhone.

Talking about its dimensions Horwitz said that iPhone6 will be half millimeter lager in length and width and one millimeter in thickness then iPhone6. Especially its body will be a source of attraction for its users due to its curves.

Horwitz is of the view that the economical version of iPhone will resemble closely to iPod classic in its shape but differs in material. Unlike iPhone 3GS, the latest one will have curves at start then flat surface. Its SIM jacket will be in center and all other buttons and attachments on flat surface.

Discussing about similarities between iphone 6, iphone 5 and iPod touch. Horwitz said that iphone 6 and iPod touch are similar in a way that both will share same place for their camera, flash and microphone. The reason for resemblance of iphone 6 with iphone 5 is that its headphone port, speaker and bottom microphone are placed on location similar to iphone 5. But the major difference from iphone 5 is the introduction of extra microphone on bottom and four speaker holes which are not present in the former one.

Context of the story is that the upcoming economical head phone of Apple will share its design with three other products of Apple. With iphone 5 from front, iPod touch from bottom and iPod classic from side.

What new in this latest version is much better camera and flash than before, faster processor and lens of 13 mega pixel. All stories about features of this model will come to end as soon as it will be in the user’s hand.

Latest technology going to be introduced in new iPhones is Sharp’s ultra-thin IGZO display. Apple is also planning to introduce this technology in its other products .In fact they have spent 2.3 billion dollars in manufacturing equipment and infrastructure which will create sharp.

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