NATO’s How-To Manual for Cyber Warfare is Now the New Law in the Virtual World

Posted on Mar 22 2013 - 10:42pm by Sidrah Zaheer

As information technology is growing, a new frontier for warfare is opening for countries and intelligence services to take notice of. Cyber warfare has become almost a reality with acrimonious countries’ hackers going against each other. It has also become a kind of a rebellion with hacktivists breaking down government sites and stealing important data. Many states have even rolled out their own plans of action in case open cyber warfare takes place.

Recently, NATO has published a how-to manual for cyber warfare. Since the battlefield has now changed and become virtual, there are new rules of operation required. NATO has gotten its own word in first about how things should be, what is right or wrong, what is legal or illegal that might trigger as an act of war and start a conflict.

This cyber warfare manual has been prepared by legal experts from different countries under the supervision of the International Committee of the Red Cross and the U.S. Cyber Command. There are 95 “black letter rules” about digital warfare, which took three years to complete and write. From now on, the hacktivists have to be careful what they are dealing with and calling for to engage even militarily against them and bring the law on to their side.

Since social media is developing so fast with its users and functions growing, it has really created a new world on its own to communicate and even fight. This NATO manual is being taken as the most important document in the law of cyber warfare. Since most countries defence departments and intelligence communities are now training forces to be cyber warriors, the game has actually already unfolded.

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