Russian Orthodox Church wants People to Abstain from Social Media for Lent

Posted on Mar 20 2013 - 11:01pm by Sidrah Zaheer

social media for lentLent is a religious occasion celebrated in many of the Christian denominations. It covers almost six weeks ending on Easter Sunday. The purpose of the celebration is to prepare a believer through prayer, penance, repentance, charity and self-denial. It covers the biblical tale of the death and resurrection of Jesus.

Recently, the Russian Orthodox Church has announced that it wants Christians to give up on social media for Lent. Mostly Christians who observe the Lent prohibit themselves from drinking, smoking and other such things.

However, the Russian Orthodox Church has not specified any particular social media website, but wants people to give up on all social media. A couple of questions arise in one’s mind, including is social media merely a means of entertainment and self-satisfying that could be given up this easily.

However, according to the spokesman of the Church, even the useful information related to their work or other well-meaning interests in a way “clog the brain” and hence should be given up for the goodness of the soul. One of the main reasons the Russian Orthodox Church wants people to follow this instruction is because it will keep them away from reading any curses or any other bad thing.

The surge of the social media into every different aspect of life has made both politicians and religious leaders realize that it provides them with a great opportunity to connect to the audience they want to gather to their message and thus have become recently more active. Most of the institutions are actually now interested in asking their officials to join in as quickly as they can and become more efficient into using the social media, including the Church.

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