Facebook is Locking Users to Prevent Scams

Posted on Mar 20 2013 - 10:48pm by Sidrah Zaheer

Facebook locking accountsFacebook has been facing (no pun intended) a tough time with hacking, spamming and scamming activities on its social networking platform. It has been a real challenge for the world’s largest social network as well as a point of criticism for having done nothing much for keeping the security tight sufficiently to protect users. However, Facebook has been responding from time to time to make their social platform securer and safer and more comfortable for users to enjoy.

Recently, Facebook has been updating its security measures by asking many users to confirm their identity. To go through this measure, Facebook has locked out some of its users from entering their own accounts and until they verify their identities by using a government-issued ID, they will not be let in. Some security experts and privacy advocates are not happy with this kind of a measure to ensure no scams occur.

Facebook has again been accused of trying to obtain personal information from users as in the past several times through different means. But, never the less, some who support this measure think that Facebook is not going too far by asking for such details. Those users who fail to provide these details are being systematically locked out of Facebook for scams. Social media advisers ask people to make their online profiles truthful.

Anonymity is a person’s right, but to give out false details or pretend to be someone else, is not only an identity theft, but a serious cybercrime that can lead one to jail. In order to keep the online socialising environment safe for everyone, it is necessary that fake accounts are deleted as soon as possible and fake identities dropped. If a user is unwilling, Facebook has now taken the task upon itself as a network’s responsibility.

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