Smaller Phones are Getting Back in the Trend

Posted on Feb 28 2013 - 11:38pm by Sidrah Zaheer
Smaller phones

Smaller phones

Technology is becoming more complex and more diversified in nature. With gadgets, both big and small being able to give us technological assistance that was once the part of only a science-fiction book or a scientist’s wild dreams and ambitious efforts, people can now accomplish things never thought so easily possible.

Recently, we have seen smartphones getting bigger, but according to the new report, this will not remain the case anymore. Since consumers are more prone towards having a big screen for better display, the smartphones were getting bigger.

Even recently, many new smartphones are that have been announced and that are expected to come out have big screens. Due to this reason, mobile manufacturers have come out with “mini-versions” to cater to the consumer groups that want smaller phones. However, largely, their main trend has been toward bigger phones.

Recently, at the Mobile World Congress, the screen trends seem to get smaller. So the showcase for the future phones is that the trend is getting back toward smaller phones. With future tablets expected to make calls, and smartphones almost the size of a tablet, it was a little confusing which was which without the brand name or model.

However, now with the separation kept distinctly with the physical features too, it is easier to know. Which screen size do you prefer for your phone Small Cell Phones or larger screen size and have you noticed any difference or been bothered by how big a phone is in your hand?

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