Inocente is the First Kickstarter-backed Film to Win an Oscar

Posted on Feb 28 2013 - 11:36pm by Sidrah Zaheer

Inocente-Kickstarter-OscarRecently, at the 85th Academy Awards, or the Oscars 2013, Inocente became the first film to win for best documentary short which was based on funding from Kickstarter. The project for the film raised $52,527 (£35,000) with the help of 294 backers in June 2012. The documentary covers the true story of a 15-year-old girl who became homeless.

The other two crowd-funded films were Kings Point and Buzkashi Boys, but they did not win, but remained nominees, which in itself is also an achievement. More than giving highlights to entertainment movies and the actors who are already well-known, the Oscar event serves better for these documentary filmmakers and their projects to get a highlight around the world.

Inocente is a film directed by Seth Fine, who was overwhelmed by the win. This victory also means a lot for films and projects that get crowd-funding. It means that not only is crowd-funding important to these projects, but also they are meaningful to others who are affected these in different ways. Another thing is that crowd-funding will receive better importance than ever before and more people will pay attention.

Already independent filmmakers do not have big studios to fund their films and often they work on a shoe-string budget. But with the help of crowd-funding, they get a better chance of making an even better work. Other websites like Indiegogo and also support films financially through crowd-funding.

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