New York Police Department Forms a Separate Team to Track Stolen Apple Products

Posted on Feb 23 2013 - 11:43pm by Sidrah Zaheer

Apple New York PoliceIt is a duty of the police to catch a thief. There are specialised braches inside a police department, around most countries in the world, where there are dedicated crime branches to catch criminals of specific orders. But nowhere in the world has any police department yet thought about creating a separate to track only stolen Apple items.

However, the New York Police Department is getting its very own Apple’s items tracking team. They will track stolen iPhones and iPads along with Apple’s assistance. These New York Police officers are being called iCops and they will find thousands of Apple devices gone missing annually.  Since an Apple device is indeed an expensive and most favoured item to its owners, they are also most likely objects to be stolen by a thief.

Each year, in the New York City, the amount of stolen Apple products is increasing, with 3890 more stolen devices reported in 2012 alone than in 2011. According to New York’s famous city mayor, Michael Bloomberg, stealing of Apple devices has in fact increased 3.3% city crime rate in the year 2012 and has called it an iDevice theft.

In Pakistan, it is also common that people while being outside are in constant danger of their mobiles being stolen, whether they be iPhones, smartphones of any other brand or any simple mobile phone. Since, Apple products are not too common in Pakistan, there has not been a dedicated crime rise with regards to especially stealing it.

Apple had been working with New York police to track stolen devices, but due to the constant increase in theft crimes, they thought of forming a separate team altogether, which can serve its complete, energy, time and effort.

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