Research on Trying to Measure Happiness through Tweets

Posted on Feb 22 2013 - 10:14pm by Sidrah Zaheer

twitter-bird-happyAccording to a new study conducted by the Vermont Complex Systems Centre tweets can become a means to measure the happiness level of a Twitter user. The researchers carried out a study on U.S. Twitter users by analysing 10 million tweets all across the country. They measured the happiness in the tweets by developing a code that determines the level of the emotions.

The study concluded from these 10 million tweets that states in the Western United States are happier than states in the Eastern side of the country. Although users are encourages to express themselves openly, freely and in whatever way they want, except being rude hopefully, while they tweet, but if you tweet such words like beauty, hope, and wine, they would indicate to these researchers that you are a happy person. And to think of you as a sad person, if your tweets contain such words like smoke, hate, and other negative words, then it shows unhappiness.

Regardless of the context, the code to determine your state of mind has been this simple usage of language. A lot of the internet users have become more frequent with the profanity they so openly use online, especially American online users, but researchers say that it does not mean that they are sad people.

Similarly, those who don’t use profanity can be sad people too. Another factor that can’t really reveal the state of a person’s emotional level is because not everyone discusses their personal lives online and people have a tendency to rather craft their online persona as much positively as they can.

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