Billboard will Now Consider YouTube Views for Its Rankings

Posted on Feb 22 2013 - 10:28pm by Sidrah Zaheer

BillboardWith the advent of online streaming music videos and listening of songs, the music industry has been faces some tough challenges to cope with of late. YouTube is a big part of how the music videos are seen and sites like Spotify in how internet users listen to music. Billboard will lets us know the popularity of a music video, album or song has recently revealed that YouTube views is something that it will now consider while ranking artists on its different categories.

It will include songs in its Hot 100 singles chart based on the YouTube views. There are songs and artists on YouTube from around the world, some with their own personal channels with their video logs and others just unprofessional, amateurish people trying to express their talents. However, nowhere as yet, YouTube “fame” will be more useful for an artist.

Other entertainment and music industries around the world might also begin to consider YouTube views on an artist’s videos to gauge their popularity and reach. However, those artists that were not previously recognised by the mainstream media, can now get a chance due to viral videos of ‘Harlem Shake’ and ‘Gangnam Style’ for example.

The internet has become involved with our lives at so many levels and this aspect of it impacting our entertainment means has been recognised officially for the first time, all thanks to the visionary outlook of the Billboard. According to a Nielsen report, more teenagers use YouTube to listen to new songs than radios, iTunes or CDs. Thus, entertainment industry will have a look at how they now engage with internet and market to their fans.

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