Things on Social Media are More Memorable for People than Faces or Books

Posted on Jan 31 2013 - 10:35pm by Sidrah Zaheer

don't forget, memoryAccording to a new study from researchers at the University of California, San Diego and the University of Warwick, people are able to remember Facebook posts and reader comments more than they are able to keep in mind human faces and sentences from books. Such things from Facebook as status updates are found to be one-and-a-half times more memorable than a sentence from a book and two-and-a-half times more than faces.

Although some people are really good at remembering and recalling stuff they have read in a book, often verbatim, and they are also very good at keeping in mind someone they had seen years ago even just once, but for most people it is not an easy task. However, this is not just the effect created by Facebook alone, but all other social networking sites too, like recalling tweets. The same happens with text messages according to researchers.

According to a cognitive psychologist, unedited tone of microblogging brings people nearer to a natural language which helps to make it more memorable. Although, often some people think about what they would post on Facebook or tweet, but the experts believe that spontaneity in language makes it more worthy to remember and easily memorable.

Internet users are often interested in short and quick stuff on which they can quickly laugh or be angry or express their opinion and move on to the next thing. This is what has made things seem fast paced. It has made information sharing very fast and easy and also retainable. This is why often internet users who choose to access the right kind of stuff instead of wasting time online are rather informed and active citizens too who are more aware and opinionated.

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