All World Network Awards Pakistani IT Firm

Posted on Jan 30 2013 - 11:02pm by Sidrah Zaheer

C Square Consulting (Pvt.) LtdRecently, an international body awarded a Pakistani IT firm. The All World Network’s Arabia 500 Awards is an international body that gives recognition to fast-growing private companies in the field of information and technology that do well in the areas of creating jobs and in creating opportunities for entrepreneurs around the world. The Pakistani IT firm that won the recognition was the C Square Consulting (Pvt.) Ltd.

According to the CEO of All World Live, Anne Habiby, C Square Consulting has been competing on a large scale at the global level maintaining quality in its information technology services. This is what makes a company a winner in their point of view and hence, they gave the award to the company. The Arabia 500 Awards are regarded very highly within the industry and by most entrepreneurs around the world as they have operations in more than 100 countries. They look for effective information technology companies in the Middle East, North Africa, Pakistan and Turkey that also provides companies from these areas a global recognition in their field.

Awards should never be the aim, but only an encouragement to strive for something even better. It means that what they have been performing is the right way to go and improvement can never stop. It is wonderful to see a Pakistani information technology company from the private sector getting this recognition.

This also proves that there are many individual success stories that happen every day in Pakistan, but what need to happen are some more national stories which are positive for the country’s growth and image. Pakistan has the potential to provide in every field and this should be recognised too.

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