Pakistan will Participate in the Global Robotics Challenge in India

Posted on Jan 30 2013 - 10:49pm by Sidrah Zaheer

RoboticsThis year for the first time, Pakistan will be taking part in the Global Robotics Challenge (GRC) competition that will be held from March 14-17 at the Indian Institute of Technology in Kanpur, India. Other countries, including Bangladesh, Mongolia, Nepal, Sri Lanka, UAE, Egypt, UK and Japan will also be taking part at this international event. The Air University in Rawalpindi will organise a robotics competition between various universities across Pakistan on February 6 in its Islamabad campus.

Through this national robotics competition, the winning team will get the opportunity of representing Pakistan in the grand finale. The event has been arranged by Air University’s assistant professor, Liaquat Ali Khan and will be also leading the team at the final event in India. All Pakistani universities offering degree programmes in engineering and computer science have been invited to participate at the national competition.

It is expected that at least 10 different universities will compete to make it to the final representing Pakistan. There will be two categories in the national robotics competition where competitiveness of the participants will be judged, one is of International Autonomous Robotics Competition and the other is International Robot Talent.

Robotics deals with designing, construction, operation and application of various types of robots that serve different purposes. The computer systems to control them, sensory feedback and information processing makes it all the more difficult and interest for creative enthusiasts. With the advancement in robotics, many places where humans used to work have now been taken over by robots making it cost-effective and quick. However, there are many tasks where a super-human ability like that of a robot is required and that is where it serves the best.

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