National Materials Science Research Institute Planned to be Established in Pakistan

Posted on Jan 30 2013 - 11:24pm by Sidrah Zaheer

materials scienceThe Ministry of Science and Technology of Pakistan is also planning to establish a National Materials Science Research Institute that will have a centralized supercomputing facility for computational materials science or condensed matter physics. China controls 97% of the world’s market for rare earth elements. Pakistan has been gifted with rare earth elements by nature, which are critical in manufacturing components of high technology products. These rare earth elements can be used in textiles, coatings, electronics, and sensors besides other things.

According to Pakistan Council of Science and Technology (PCST), Pakistan needs a thorough research in all classes of materials, including hard and soft materials, metals, inter-metallics, organic and inorganic semiconductors, polymers, composite materials, biomedical materials, and vitreous materials. It is necessary that modern techniques are used in characterization of materials and understand their properties and uses.

There are different universities in Pakistan that offer Masters and PhD degrees in the field of materials science and there are many laboratories that operate in the same field, but there are no dedicated research institutes in this area of study at the national level. The National Materials Science Research Institute will also serve as an interface between academic institutions and industry needs.

Trained personnel are also required who are expert in this field of materials research and science. Such industrial sectors as ceramics, plastics, metallurgy, aerospace, telecommunications, transportation, electronics, micro and optoelectronics, energy, healthcare, computing, consumer goods and construction will benefit thoroughly from research studies of materials science research institute.

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