Google is Working on ‘Password Devices’ for Secure Authentication

Posted on Jan 24 2013 - 10:15pm by Sidrah Zaheer

Gmail password devicesAccording to Mashable, Google is working on safer passwords for better security that will be difficult to break into. Google is said to be working on some kind of a high-tech ring that will be worn around users’ fingers through which they will log into their Gmail accounts. There might even be a key card that can be plugged into a computer’s USB port.

Internet security has become a real issue, especially during the past year due to a lot of hacking cases taking place on many different sites which claim to have safe security system, like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others. The report by IEEE Security & Privacy Magazine and Wired say that Google wants a form of password devices.

According to Google’s spokesperson, the company is trying to make authentication more secure, but easier on users for management purposes. A lot more complexities might confuse many users. As of now, this who idea is into experimentation stage with Google working on a pilot programme with USB cards called Yubikeys. This will link Google passwords to an actual device instead of be in the form of a text.

But this kind of a password device system has its own downside, like creating a problem when such a key gets left behind or gets stolen. If the computer and internet companies can think of some other secure ways to make password authentication stronger, it will be a better way to deal with the hacking situation. More work should be concentrated on this aspect too.

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