THG Celebrity of the year- Taylor swift

Posted on Jan 6 2013 - 4:29am by Bakhtawar Shaukat
Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift

With the advent of the New Year 2013, THG finally announced the top Hollywood celebrities of the year 2012. Since the smashing start-up of Hollywood activities, the bold and the beautiful Hollywood queens have been demolishing the world with their innate beauty and intelligent. Sometimes in the form of songs, sometimes through their sex tapes, leaked photos and drugs addictions these Hollywood hotties are successfully attracting their fans recklessly towards their work.

The 2012 calendar is very quickly going to flip towards 2013 and THG with the pace of time moving hastily towards its new awards. When it comes to music industry, name of Taylor Swift is like a shining star and all her fans seem to do anything to attend her concerts anywhere, anytime. THG is also not lagging behind in this regard and has proudly announced Taylor Swift as being celebrity number 3 of the year 2012. Well, the fans and friends of Taylor were expecting even more than that but number 3 is not that bad in a platform where names like Katty Perry, Rihana, Enrique Iglesias etc exists. While taking a look at the number 6, 5 and 4 celebrities of the year, names like Kate Upton Justin Bieber and Kate Middleton came in front of me and I was pleasantly surprised to read that Kate Upton came over the award stage as being number 6 celebrity of the year 2012, Justin bieber- the little young stood at number 5 and Kate Middleton at number 4. Well, it’s pretty rewarding for Taylor Swift to be at number 3. Isn’t it? Taylor’s new music album named “we are never ever getting back together” has got the weekly sales of 2.11 million copies and this record has beaten previous 10 years record of any music album. Being the uppermost record in past 10 years, Taylor was expecting herself to be number 1 celebrity of the year 2012 in THG. Moreover, with that record, Taylor Swift has become the first female singer for having sold 2.11 million copies of her album in the opening week. I think it is something worth to get her at number 1 celebrity of the year but no one can fight against Fate. It might be her bad luck or may be someone is really more talented and worthwhile. But you never know with Hollywood.

Well, it was not all about Taylor, she is something more than that. The most attractive thing about Taylor to me is that “she has never been caught up in any scandal but what would she say about her relation with John Mayer? According to a source, she has been engaged to Mayer since about a year but nobody even had the slightest idea of that news. Whenever she was asked about her relationship with John Mayer, she just stayed away from media and continued to focus on her work and got winning awards.

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