Social Networking Can Help Students Learn Better

Posted on Jan 3 2013 - 6:54am by Sidrah Zaheer

According to a new research study from Israel, students who use social networking sites, like Facebook, can get better grades than those who don’t. The Ben Gurion University in Israel had found that the information found on the social networks could be used to determine which students need more attention and can help in improving their skills. Although teachers and parents will find this research report as a way to boost in Facebook’s traffic and popularity, but there could be truth in it.

As much as parents and teachers would dislike this of report that will encourage them to stay online while they should be doing their homework, it really is something which the instructors can explore. Internet surely is a good tool to make students learn easily. There are so many fun websites online from where students can both learn and enjoy learning.

Facebook can be a great social network for students to join from where they can play apps as well as study from links and posts shared on great pages which help toward learning history, science and mathematics. Instilling in learning kids the habit of getting to engage in debates with friends online and chat on forums for young kids will give them an edge later in life as they will be used to all of this. It will make them apply these learning easily.

However, students should also be taught to learn from books and reading material, like newspapers and magazines. Because time spent online should in no way hinder in their regular learning processes. If all this report tells us, it is that students should be given their time on social networking sites for the benefits they give them rather than making them keep away from it all on the pretext of wasting time.

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