PTCL Introduced New Smart TV Package

Posted on Jan 3 2013 - 6:12am by Sidrah Zaheer

PTCL recently launched its own standalone package for Smart TV customers. Being the state-owned telecommunications company, PTCL has the monopoly over a lot of technology that comes is introduced in Pakistan in the telecommunication sector. Currently, PTCL is the only telecom company which is providing state-of-the-art digital interactive television service.

Through Smart TV users can play the programmes as they want. They can rewind a live programme and news through time shift technology. The Smart TV also has a parental lock and digital quality Video on Demand (VOD). The Smart TV also allows its users to be more interactive with the television which is the basic concept behind the whole thing. This makes a user be more in control of what he/she wants to see. Viewers of Smart TV can also choose the programme of their choice from a huge collection of a video library.

The new package for the Smart TV being introduced by PTCL will allow its users to get added convenience, like enabling them to experience Smart TV without needing a broadband connection. Smart TV works through an internet connection, but this added package will do away with this requirement. The package is worth Rs.450 per month. Customers of this package can also avail unlimited calls on Sundays from their PTCL landline to landline and Vfone, but they would have to pay Rs.199 per month additional cost.

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