Oscars Nomination Voting Delayed for a Day Due to an Online Glitch

Posted on Jan 3 2013 - 6:25am by Sidrah Zaheer

Hollywood’s most look-after award event of the year is the Oscars. Usually known for its precision in scheduling for votes, except of its lack of scheduling during the night of the event, Oscars have always been on time. But this time, there came a little glitch when a new online voting system faced a few problems. Apparently, some Academy members forgot their passwords and some usernames. Due to this, voting for Oscar nominations had been extended by just a day.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) is the one that gives out the golden trophy to many hopefuls each year. It has some 6,000 members who vote for different cast and crew of the film industry as nominees and then vote for the winners. The actual deadline was January 3, but now has been extended to January 4. This is the first time that Oscars is trying to for an online voting system, which is why it is more than willing to give space to voters for their comfort. They want the system to get into a smooth flow for the coming years. Just as the year begins, we start thinking about who will make it to the Oscars.

Now in this year 2013 that has just begun, we are waiting for the surprise to get over. On January 10, this is just what will happen when the Oscar nominations will be announced in different categories of film-making. The actual ceremony will be held on February 24, if all goes according to plans. In the meantime, movie studios and other industry experts will be campaigning for their favourite candidate to be the chosen winner.

It is much like the American elections, but just as the American presidential elections, the winners are pretty much never the surprise, except only a few occasions. Oscars has lost that charm of selecting the most deserving winner to giving the award away to the most popular winner, which is based on people’s likes and dislikes and not on performances and the art of it.

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