Facebook Confessions Can Make People Unemployable

Posted on Jan 3 2013 - 6:42am by Sidrah Zaheer

In a recent report by The Telegraph, it is said that those students who make weird confessions about their lifestyle on Facebook may get in trouble for their future employment. Since social media is being used by recruiters and various companies’ human resources division to check on how their employees are in real life and as in person, it has become fairly common to search for various online social networking profiles of people. The one social network that obviously tops the list is Facebook.

Many amongst the British students have been sharing their tales of “accomplishment” for lewd behavior and heavy drinking. They have been warned against such misconduct as it reflects on them as to who they really are. On the one hand it might be useful to see what kind of people one is hiring for work, but on the other hand, those students who just get involved in such activities merely to fight peer pressure or to keep up with a group of “cool and hip” people at a school or a college, do this without realizing that this is not actually them.

What would be really “cool and hip” to share is the kind of hobbies one has and the kind of books one read. Movie choices and music taste is also considered welcomed, but not stories about heavy drinking or any other indecent behavior that one might think of as an achievement. In the UK, it has become a serious problem with many confession pages being ‘Liked’ and poured tales into. Whereas these very pages become an easier place to see for a future reference, they become hard to delete when you don’t know what you have written and where exactly.

The lesson is for everyone, including adults and not just students, because switching jobs in this shifty global economy has become a norm. It is also a problem for universities and colleges to have their students confess to things from which these educational institutions get into trouble of not watching over their students and their repute get questioned. Students can then get into serious trouble for creating a mess, not so much in their lives, but for the authorities at a school or a college.

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