Kim kanya, Khloe Lumar and Kris Bruce Who will get into a relationship

Posted on Jan 2 2013 - 7:36pm by Bakhtawar Shaukat

The Hollywood stars have been in a continuous war against relationships. The number of breakups and make-ups among stars is uncountable. You never know who will break-up to whom and when. Although they are continuously in the eye of public yet, they accept all the gossips against them and answer all the silly questions of media and fans very calmly tolerating each and every irritating behavior of public.

Same is the case with our three hottest Hollywood couples Kim Kardashian and kanya, Khloe and Lumar and Kris and Bruce. Since the very start of their relationships an air of consciousness and mystery has spread around the public and media to know each and every bit of their relationships statuses. Most of the time when any of them asked about his/her relationship they just say “we are just good friends” but they never succeeded to get rid of these irritating gossips. According to our source, Kim Kardashian has got into a serious relationship with kanya west after broking up to Nick Cannon, Reggie Bush and Ray J (her ex boyfriends). After breaking up to three studs, it’s still a question mark if she would be able to stabilize her relationship with her new boy friend Kanya West. Some of her fans seem very excited about her current relationship because both of them seemed to make a wonderful couple as they share a marvelous chemistry with each other.

Rumors of kim’s splitting up with Cannon over a sex tape have been on air since last week and it would not be wrongly said that Kim does not want to stay in a relationship with cannon just because she has started liking Kanya West. I think this relationship would also not last longer and so as the public. So let’s wait and watch when this couple will break up and find new mates but here is a twist in this love story that is Kim Kardashian is pregnant. If it would be revealed as true, it would make the relationship stronger and long lasting.

Relationship between Khloe and Lumar seems bit stronger than that of Kim’s with Kanya. But again, you never know with Hollywood stars. When they will find new mates is a question mark and the couple would not let you wait too longer, the latest news of their relationship status will soon be on air.

Similarly nothing can be said about the apparently strong bonding between Bruce and Kris. It was a time when the two love birds seems like nothing bad could ever happen in their lives but stars are stars and you can never predict what would be the next incident in their lives. According to a source, Kris Jenner has filed a suit against Bruce for divorce. It seems like it would be the first couple to break-up.

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