Katt Williams a comedian or a criminal?

Posted on Jan 1 2013 - 8:00pm by Bakhtawar Shaukat
Comedian Katt Williams

Comedian Katt Williams

Kate William a comedian plus father of four children is now said to be a criminal too. It is reported that he has been harassing his 4 children at home and indulged himself in criminal and illegal acts. The rumors got strongly spread when his children got to call the security for the sake of their safety issues. Our sources reported that his son told the police that his father use to abuse him and his siblings very casually and sometimes tried to beat them too.

The claimable thing was that why one would abuse and beat his own children. Some people say that he is a chain smoker of caffeine and badly indulged in drugs addiction. The news was confirmed when his children were asked questions about his personal life. The kids claimed that their father Kate William is not at all supportive at home, instead he is also a drugs addict and most of the time stays away from home. Moreover, when his house was investigated by L.A County Department of Children and Family Services there were found a lot of illegal stuff like guns and drugs which according to L.A County Dept. of Children and Family Services is extremely hazardous for kids. In the light of all the above facts and figures the LAPD Cops seized his property, got the kids in secure custody and arrested Katt Williams. All it happened on Friday. Katt is still in custody and is on $100,000 bail at the case of child endangerment.

The bail prolonged after he slapped a cop in jail on a minor issue. His behavior in jail has brought extraordinary bad impact upon his career. All his fans are extremely upset of his bad repute and got terrified after reading such filthy stuff about his life. It’s been a long journey for Katt Williams as he has never been arrested before or charged with such a high plenty. His professional career will be effected deadly after this incident, reported our most reliable source. His arrest was expected to assault in November 2012 but it was unfortunately postponed after he slapped a valued employee.

But it is still unpredictable that how it would affect his career in future and most importantly his kids when they would be called as kids of a criminal. How will they answer the hurting and painful questions of people when they would be asked about their father’s profession? Definitely, the kids would have to pay for their father’s wrongful and shameful deeds.

Well, it’s all about controversy and gossips. Real life may be quite different from that. All I can conclude is, life is unpredictable and no one can say what would happen next. So, stay tuned and keep yourself updated for the latest updates.

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