2012 was the Most Successful Year for Games on Kickstarter with $79M Donated

Posted on Dec 31 2012 - 11:35pm by Sidrah Zaheer

The year 2012 was a good one for games and their funding contributions collected through Kickstarter, which is a website for crowdsourcing. The first successful game on Kickstarter was Double Fine Adventure, which was able to raise $3.45 million through its online campaign. Kickstarter has become a resourceful platform for creators of all categories to gather funding for their innovative projects since its launch in 2009.

Users contribute with small rewards, copies of the final product, or even through credit. The investors will be involved with any project on Kickstarter to get it going. The rest will be donated by users. According to Kickstarter’s spokesperson, 2012 was the most profitable year for the website because around 52,000 supporters of various gaming projects were all together able to raise more than $79 million.

This is a tremendous increase for gaming projects for the website from 2011’s 87 successful projects to 255 this year.  Users from all around the world can contribute as well as users from around the world can request backing for their creative projects on Kickstarter. Once there is funding, there is a way to move ahead with your dream plan.

There are a couple of successful as well as unsuccessful projects on Pakistan, both from Pakistanis and non-Pakistanis. It will be beneficial to use this platform to fulfill more projects which will be of interest to others too. Because in a way, users have to be convinced that the project they are paying their money for is worth it. All talented and created Pakistanis running short of financial backing should look into having a campaign on Kickstarter. Who knows, perhaps Kickstarter provides you with the kick your project needs to get started.

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