TorrentFreak Caught Hollywood Studios Pirating Movies via BitTorrent

Posted on Dec 29 2012 - 11:49pm by Sidrah Zaheer

Previously, major motion picture studios and members of the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) were under suspicion of pirating content online through using BitTorrent. However, only recently, did TorrentFreak got proof to back their claim. The proof was gathered when BitTorrent monitors Scaneye tracked down IP addresses that belonged to member studios of MPAA. They have been illegally accessing all the content. Such major studios as Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros., 20th Century Fox, and Walt Disney were caught using BitTorrent to gain access to different illegal online content.

MPAA had been working to get copyright infringement legislation passed, but now has no face to show for what they apparently said for in the media. Now, TorrentFreak has got proof against their conduct, which is in stark contrast to their own image. Being a major entertainment industry that faces copyright infringements from time to time by other users, experts believe that it is no surprise that they were themselves caught in the dirt.

The Hollywood insiders believe that there is no way questions will be raised on the members of the MPAA, because already so much goes on behind the curtains, so to speak, that is no more shocking to be associated with their name. It does happen to some people who just are better for words, but not for action, and Hollywood has always been about make-belief, rather than the real deal.

Despite heralding its conduct as eco-friendly, socially conscious, politically correct and business-wise, Hollywood studios are in many ways in the wrong with their rights and duties. Getting a “special right” to access classified documents that journalists have been denied to easily manipulating the public with propaganda films, all of this goes under the carpet, which is at times red, at times green, and at times whatever colour that suits purpose.

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