Priest Says Jesus Would Have Used Facebook If He Lived Today

Posted on Dec 29 2012 - 11:38pm by Sidrah Zaheer

The Christian Church was once the biggest rival against science, technology, innovation, newer ideas and curiosity – essentially the human spirit that tried to explore beyond the apparent. However, the Church’s stand over the years became softer and it embraced scientists, researchers and explorers – stopped viewing them as agents of the devil.

Now, recently, extending imagination a bit, a German Catholic priest, Robert Zollitsch, said that Jesus would have been on Facebook had he been alive today. He further said that Jesus would have been Facebook friends with all of his followers. There are many fake accounts of historical figures on various social networking sites, including Facebook and Twitter as well as blogs.

Even though imaging historical figures in a certain period of time and placing them under different periods in history has been stuff with which fiction writers and thinkers play, but including Jesus in such a modern context is a stretch for some conservative Christians. More than any other Christian nation, Americans believe that Jesus would have been an American had he lived today, and some believe he would have been a Republican.

All these are great debating points, which highlight different views ascribe to Jesus. The Christian Church had in a way “officially” acknowledged social media with the Catholic Pope joining Twitter with accounts in different languages.

One does wonder what would Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) had done in these times as of today. Had he travelled in a car, through an airplane, used mobile phones, connected through social media? It does not take much to answer in an affirmative to all of these hypothetical questions. His teachings are with us and his whole life story is an example for Muslims, yet we seemed to be confused and lost in getting that deeper connection required to guide our lives.

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