Melinda Gates Says Apple Products are Banned for Her Children

Posted on Dec 29 2012 - 11:30pm by Sidrah Zaheer

The wife of Microsoft’s founder, Bill Gates, says that she does not allow her children to use Apple products, like an iPod. According to Melinda Gates, there is a strict ban on them. Although she is a philanthropist herself, but her kindness does not extend to Microsoft’s tough competitor. She is a mother to two daughters and a son.

The children asked for an iPod, but received a strict ‘no’. They are only allowed to use Windows technology. Melinda said in a stingy manner that, “the wealth from our family came from Microsoft so why would we invest in a competitor?”

Melinda admits that she herself has felt tempted to buy Apple’s products, but she refrained. Obviously, she would not look good touting Microsoft holding any of Apple’s products in her hands.

Even though Microsoft has such a proven track record of high-performance technology, but it has not been able to compete with the mobile technology that Apple offers to gadgets fanatics. Microsoft’s every attempt so far against any of Apple’s gadget, whether it be Zune against iPod or Surface against iPad, has not been successful.

Now, Microsoft has pinned its hope on Windows Phones 8’s successful against iPhone, which Apple’s number one selling product throughout the world. Although Surface and Windows Phone 8 have received positive reviews, but they are far from being able to take market hold that Apple has.

But besides company rivalry, both the Gates and Jobs were on good terms with each other on a personal basis admiring each other’s geniuses and contribution to the technology industry.

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