iPad 5 Rumoured to be Released by March 2013

Posted on Dec 29 2012 - 11:54pm by Sidrah Zaheer

Apple had just been free from all the buzz of releasing iPad 4, firstly from its rumours and secondly from its reviews. Apple seems to be addicted to all of talk and attention that it gets. Now, it is ready to provide buzz for the next iPad. The usual release period for new Apple products is around March or October. The iPad 5 is expected to be released sooner rather than later.

According to Gizmag, not only is Apple ready to release iPad 5 by March in 2013, but it is also ready with its redesign, should consumers want something different. The report was leaked by Japanese blog, Macotakara, which had also leaked similar rumours about Apple products. The iPad 5 is expected to be similar to iPad Mini in many of its external features. The iPad 5 will be 4mm shorter, 2mm thinner, and 17mm narrower.

Apple wants to manufacture a new product and introduce it in the market as soon as possible so that it can compete better against Nexus 7 and Surface. There are also rumours for a new iPad Mini with Retina Display that will begin its trial production next month.

About the authenticity of such Apple rumours one can only point out that they are more often false, with regards to release timing as well as features. But it is good to know that Apple is working on another generation of iPad and consumers can get a new one anytime next year.

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