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Posted on Dec 29 2012 - 11:22pm by Sidrah Zaheer


Forumotion is a great website which allows you to have your very own free online forum. Through it, you can create free and unlimited forum that can have unlimited messages and users. You can change your forum version at any time from phpBB2, phpBB3, punBB to Invision. There is free image hosting available, besides your own domain name with customized emails. You will receive automatic updates from the site about your forum.

You can have chat box, gallery, portals, calendar and other things at your own forum. There are more than 7000 free skins to choose for your forum. Through forumotion, you get to create, discuss, share, personalize and innovate.

You can also search the forum directory for other forums that have been made through the site in various categories. It is a great way to start debates and generate discussions on any issue of your interest and importance.

In a world, where things get censored and where freedom of expression is often compromised by parties concerned about their own reputation, it is a wonderful platform to begin your move and activism. Keeping within respectable bounds and being civilized makes internet a better experience for everyone involved.

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