Intel Pakistan’s Performance for the Year 2012

Posted on Dec 28 2012 - 10:04pm by Sidrah Zaheer

Intel Pakistan is one of the major international brands that operate within Pakistan. This year in review for Intel Pakistan has proven very successful. According to the Country Manager for Intel Pakistan, Naveed Siraj, this entire year of 2012 has been of a lot of plus points for Intel in Asia Pacific.

The successful launch of third generation Intel Processors changed the way people use and interact with computing technology. The changes were brought in interactive signs, smart cars, smartphones, tablets and Ultrabooks. Some other main achievements for Intel Pakistan have been the launch of a new 32nm Intelr Atom TZ2760 processor which has been specifically manufactured for Windows Tablets.

According to Intel’s prediction for technology in the very near future, more than 15 billion devices will be connected to the internet within the next three years. This increased connectivity of the technology devices also means enhanced improvements required for newer challenges in information and technology. Intel Pakistan wants to remain involved in the technological changed taking place so quickly around the world.

Pakistan can help advance prosperously into a great developmental stage with providing better working opportunities for international technology brands like Intel. Intel’s products are available across Pakistan and are a priority choice for technology companies. For Pakistan’s economic growth in terms of technology, affordable computing and broadband are the two essential areas where Intel Pakistan believes the country’s potential resides.

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