Ballistic Backpack can Shield against Bullets

Posted on Dec 28 2012 - 10:22pm by Sidrah Zaheer

Due to horrible gun violence penetrating the American society, deaths due to shootings have increased. The recent incident of school shootings in Connecticut is enough to remind us how violence can result from uncontrolled gun laws. Due to threat to lives of innocent young children, a Salt Lake City-based body armour company, called Amendment II, has produced a backpack that can protect against bullets. It is called Ballistic Backpack and has been intended for little children, although, anyone can get one.

The Ballistic Backpack will shield the wearer as one is running away from an attack. It has been made from ordinary polyester and has a layer of RynoHide, which has carbon nanotubes applied to textile threats that block bullets. The main substance is, however, RynoHide, which can be fitted into any backpack. The carbon nanotubes have been supplied by University of Utah’s Nano Institute.

This kind of backpack is also required by students in Pakistan. Even though there has never been such a school shooting incident anywhere in Pakistan, but at times, incidents of gun violence have taken place in universities where students have been involved with other political groups and have brought such political associations into university campuses.

It is worth US$300, which is quite expensive for an average student here. But surely, something of a similar technology of shielding students should be conceived by our researchers too.

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