Angry Birds 3D Animated Film to be Released in 2016

Posted on Dec 27 2012 - 10:18pm by Sidrah Zaheer

For all the fans of Angry Birds there is great news. They will get to see their favourite angry birds in a 3D format very soon. The makers of the Angry Birds game, Rovio, have confirmed that they will release a 3D animated film in 2016. The smartphone game app first came into being in December 2009 and immediately users were hooked to it. Since that day in gaming apps history till now, Angry Birds has been downloaded more than a billion times.

The success of the game has allowed Rovio to create many spin-offs of the original game, including, Angry Birds Seasons, Angry Birds Space, and Angry Birds Rio, but none as admired. There is a new Angry Birds Star Wars out there too, which combines the original trilogy in to the Star Wars’ plotline.

Not only has Angry Birds retained their identity within the gaming community, but have entered into other arenas too with merchandise that include cuddly toys, clothing lines and soft drinks. There are Angry Birds theme parks in Finland and China. Experts have conducted their studies into how relaxing the game is for some people and hence plays a really healthy role.

The Angry Birds film is expected to be produced by John Cohen, who has earlier been associated with such successful film projects as Iron Man, Despicable Me and Ice Age. John Cohen is really excited himself being fan of the game app, saying:

“I’ve personally spent countless hours playing the Angry Birds games over the last few years, which I can now happily justify as research for the movie.”

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