NADRA Issued 200,000 SNICs in its First Four Weeks

Posted on Dec 19 2012 - 2:10am by Sidrah Zaheer

NADRA SNICNADRA, Pakistan’s federal agency for keeping record of Pakistani citizens, is the country’s largest database and registration authority. NADRA had introduced the Smart National Identity Card (SNIC), which is Pakistan’s first national electronic identity card. Previously, there used be simply the national identity card (NIC), then came their computerized version, which became CNICs and now SNIC will be required from citizens.

SNIC has a data chip and 36 other security features. It can be used for offline and online identification, voting, pension disbursement, social and financial inclusion programmes and other services. It is expected that NADRA will replace all 89.5 million CNICs with SNICs by the year 2020. The new version was first launched in October of this year. To speed things up, NADRA has issued more than 200,000 SNICs in the last four weeks.

SNIC is a new way of covering Pakistani citizens identification with state-of-the-art technology and modern biometric facilities. SNIC can store data within a microchip, which is a way round the world.  According to NADRA’s officials, the large number of SNICs issued within this short time proves that people are taking up to it quickly.

The 36 security features that SNIC has provide it with better database management system. It decreases identity thefts and fraudulent claims. It is being hailed as a tool of good governance. Whether it be for the good governance and proves beneficial in this regard or not, it surely shows the technological development NADRA itself has gone through.

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