World’s First Highest Yielding Rice Strain Developed by a Pakistani Scientist

Posted on Nov 29 2012 - 11:12pm by Sidrah Zaheer

Pakistan has been always known for its high quality rice production. Pakistani rice have always been of export quality and has reached all corners of the globe along with tasty Pakistani cuisine. However, a sad fact is, despite being ample in rice production and self-sufficient, a lot of people around the country go hungry and the prices of good quality rice are very high. Currently, Pakistan is at number four in rice production around the world, trailing China, India and Indonesia.

Recently a Pakistani scientist, Dr. Fida M. Abbasi from the Department of Genetics at Hazara University in Mansehra, had developed Super NPT technology. It is a unique technology for increasing rice production in the country. According to the scientist, such kind of rice did not exist before and can be grown using very less water.

If properly given its due attention by the government, Pakistan can increase its rice production and the poor will get a bit relief. Agriculture is an important integral of Pakistan’s economy and rice is the central export of the country that generates billions of rupees in annual revenues. Through this Super NPT technology, Basmati and non-Basmati rice can be converted.

If implemented the new rice technology can increase revenues up to Rs.50 billion per year. Some believe that such a technology can bring the second green revolution in the world. Pakistan can create itself further rice markets for importers eager for getting high quality rice. Such technological applications in agriculture are needed to bring the economic growth both the country and its people need.

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