Having More Facebook Friends Can Trigger Stress

Posted on Nov 28 2012 - 10:13pm by Sidrah Zaheer

An interesting study from the researchers at the Edinburgh University’s business school might be a disappointment for some of the very avid users of Facebook. According to the study, the more friends a user has on Facebook, the more stress he or she faces. This is particular true for those users who have their parents and employers added to their list of friends.

The study determined that the way users behave in their real world and in their social lives is definitely the cause of their online stimulated stress. One of the important factors that should be considered while determining stress is that of age. Usually young people are enthusiastic and in their excitement might still be joyous regardless of what they find online in their friends’ activities.

But older people, whose bodies are already too tired to take any more burden of emotional nature, might feel more disappointment. Also because older people lack technological adaptability and most of them are new to Facebook. For young users on Facebook, their offline life which they are often very eager to share online, might feel depressed under the circumstances when they either feel jealous or intimated by another friend’s activity.

This study also found that Facebook users on an average are linked to seven different social circles. In real life, one is often part of three or four social circles at the most. But social media and social networking has added that extra connection that is hard to maintain or even realize when without technology. The primary factor that drive conscious Facebook users is their imagination of what others might think of them and how they are being viewed through their profiles.

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