Apple’s Siri is Very Risky for Businesses and Their Private Data

Posted on Nov 28 2012 - 10:06pm by Sidrah Zaheer

According to the technology site V3, Apple’s iPhone and iPad voice assistant, Siri is actually a security risk for businesses. The reason is because the data that is stored in an iPhone or an iPad, goes to a data center in Oregon. Apple had faced class action lawsuits against such invasion of users’ privacy and personal important information and continues to face more trouble.

Customers from around the world have complained about Siri’s “incompetence”. Hence, experts believe that Apple’s Siri is only good for casual fun and unimportant use, but not for anything serious. Because information important to businesses is to be kept confidential and no such risk with Siri is worth a shot.

It is amazing that there has been no action by the U.S. government itself against Apple’s misconduct on part of its products. Apple’s makers of Siri have admitted on a number of occasions that this has been deliberate on their part and that they could have made it to be private. Such an intended action should be legally charged.

But for some reason they chose not to. The ultimate risk from such a thing is from hackers who could gain easy access to such information and who knows where a criminal mentality lead them to. In order to protect themselves, IBM had blocked out Apple’s Siri so that information could be kept private. Could it be one of the reasons why Apple deliberately made Siri in this way? If other companies want their essential data protected, they better advice their employees to be careful with Siri and not to share any data through the voice-assistant.

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