47% of Internet Users are Unaware of Content’s Legality

Posted on Nov 28 2012 - 10:22pm by Sidrah Zaheer

With the growth of the internet and its accessibility, different aspects of the online life and legality are coming forward. Issues are being raised not just about online safety and privacy, but also about online legality of a lot of actions that internet users undertake, most of whom are not related to any field of study that brings them such innovation. In such a case, who is to determine what can be in their best interest, when they are themselves unaware of their rights and duties toward internet and its usage.

In a study conducted by Ofcom, a communications regulator based in the United Kingdom, almost 47% of the internet users are uncertain of the legality of content that they are interacting with in the form of downloads, streaming and sharing. The study tried to gauge their confidence in the kind of content they deal with online. The responses proved that almost half are not sure of what is the legal status of the content they are downloading, sharing or streaming online.

To solve this issue, internet service providers (ISPs) in future will be asked to inform their customers about the copyright laws and the legality of the content they are interacting with. Unlike other technologies, internet is a sophisticated medium which demands certain level of awareness and responsibility from its users, if they want to keep out of trouble of the law.

Online piracy is a serious issue, whether it be for films, music, books or any written content. It is becoming inevitable to introduce compulsory courses for future generations to study the internet and its legal issues at a young age, because internet population is largely comprised of young adults and children.

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