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Posted on Nov 19 2012 - 3:24pm by Bakhtawar Shaukat
entertainment news

entertainment news

The definition of entertainment has now been changed due to the spasm of media upon the minds of people. How media entertainment is controlling the minds of people is something beyond the perception of not only the ordinary public but also highly educated and sensible people. Many seemed losing their minds while thinking about it. The world has become a place of monsters telling monstrous stories to its slaves and ordering them to believe in whatever is being told to them. We (the people) are forcefully being attracted towards each and everything that is being shown on television, internet, magazines and news papers. Our minds are in the hands of these journalists as they portray the things in their own beneficial manner.

Here are some recent sensational stories about famous celebrities of Hollywood and Bollywood. No one can prove the validity of these gossips. In fact no one is actually interested in the validity of such news, what matters to public is the bit of entertainment they are having out of it.

Consider the famous case of O.J Simpson for the cruel murder of Nicole and Ronald. The case have gained huge publicity due to one basic reason i-e almost ninety five million people of America has witnessed the incapability of police live on their televisions. The pull, this news had on American audience cannot be denied in any case. This case is still an unsolved mystery but the journals have gained huge amount of success in attaining the attention of media audience.

The second most recent and famous tabloid news is about Micheal Jackson. The trial is named as Micheal Jackson Child molestation charges in which he was accused of sexually harassing a 13 years old boy. After the death of Micheal Jackson this case is being discussed for a lot many reasons. Some sources have claimed that Micheal’s conversion to Muslim has made American state insecure of their religious concern that’s why they are spreading such fake news about him.

These were the Hollywood entertainment news. Coming towards the bollywood gossips, it would not be wrong to say that in bollywood the hottest issue of the time is Saifeena’s wedding. Saif and kareena fans were dying to see them tying their knots together finally. Their wedding news has filled up the pages of latest magazines and newspapers but still their fans are looking forward of more gossips about their after marriage lives. Some people says that their marriage would not last longer due to unbearable age gap between them. While talking to students in a university of Bombay, a reporter Indian news channel found students saying that kareena has made the worst decision of her life and she has proved that she is totally and emotional fool.

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