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Posted on Nov 18 2012 - 11:35pm by Bakhtawar Shaukat
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With the globalization of the world, the tablets producers have emerged with such astonishing and stunningly hot products that had made the world in the hands of people. It doesn’t matter whether you are using android tablets, Google tablets, apple tablets or Samsung tablets. It doesn’t even matters whether your tablet is the most advanced one or cheap one. What actually matters is the way you are using your tablet to meet your needs in an efficient and effective manner.

Today, people have become more aware of the competitiveness among different tablets due to their unique specs and difference in prices. The sudden blast of new technologies being introduced by the tablet producers have made it difficult and rather confusing for the customers to choose the best one. After doing some research on it, I found that most of the customers prefer to purchase cheap tablets among all the 2012 tablets.

Apple tablets are considered as the best tablets when it comes to the demand of application store as, apple has provided the best applications to its customers instead of Google tablets, Samsung tablets or android tablets.

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Samsung tablets had taken a competitive advantage in the field of pricing and sharing of data. The android technology used in Samsung tablets have made it the best tablets producers due to its remarkable specs, especially the availability of thousands of free applications which apple customers lack the facility of. Android tablets, if compared to apple tablets are advantageous in criterion of data sharing. You can share your photos and videos to and from any other tablet through your samsung or android tablet. Same is the case with the Google tablets.

Google tablets have the inviting specs, excellent pricing and bombastic technology. Its kindle fire had suffered a fall but it was still a success because it was the cheapest tablet. The customers demanding cheap tablets loved it even during times of its fall. Among all 2012 tablets, if you ask for the most cheap tablets then google tablets would be the right choice for you. And if you are looking for the best tablets then apple tablets are thought to be the best ones for a lot of reasons.

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In 2012, the boom of tablets have staggered the people and made it extremely tricky for them to make the right choice. When we look at the specs of apple tablets, it would seem to us that these are the best tablets of all others. On the other hand, while taking a look at the samsung tablets, their beyond belief specifications would force us to make them our choice. Similarly, the google tablets are supposed to be the cheapest tablets along with their quite competitive features. Android technology has brought a down fall to the apple tablets due to some of their specs that apple tablets seems to lack. Hence, one needs a complete research, on all the new 2012 tablets, to choose the best tablet.

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