Cheap Tablets -The right option for low budgeters

Posted on Nov 18 2012 - 12:53pm by Bakhtawar Shaukat
Cheap Tablets

Cheap Tablets

Price competition is the factor that has been forcing tablets companies to bring forward high technologies with affordable price ranges to suit the budgets of average customers. 2012 tablets have successfully attracted all the potential and existing customers but with the booming increase in their prices have made it intricate for the average customers who cannot afford to spend a huge amount of money on the best tablet of their choice. Apple Tablets came into market as a blast for technology lovers. Hence, most of the customers didn’t care whether the prices meet the bracket of their budgets or not, they just knew that they want the best tablet of the time. Taking a look at the prices and specifications of best tablets would make it clear that which tablet is the best in criterion of price advantage. Let’s take a close look at prices Vs specifications of Samsung Tablets, Apple Tablets, Android tablets and Google Tablets.

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Apple Tablets:

Apple tablets have been ruling the tablet market since the invention of first Ipad. Then iPad 4 came into existence to stress out the competitors. Ipad 4, a 10 inch tablet is considered as the best tablet but when we discuss about its price which ranges from $399 to $659, it becomes the downfall factor as such a high price range would not come within the range of budget plan of a lot of people.

But again, as Apple is the king of tablets, it brought forward the best tablet in 2012 i-e Mini ipad which is taking a lead among all the cheap tablets and has taken the reward of the best tablet among the nominees of all 2012 tablets.

Samsung Tablets:

Android Samsung tablets have entered the tussle to meet all the requirements of not only being the best tablet but also the cheap tablet of 2012. Samsung Galaxy Notes, having all the best features of a tablet as well as the cell phones, are competing efficiently in the price factor. These android tablets price range is almost near but slightly lesser than the apple tablets.

Google Tablets:

Google tablets with high-sky specifications including a quad-core processor, HD display and the first ever tablet running the Android Jelly bean technology is simply the best tablet of all other 2012 tablets. This remarkable product is considered the cheapest tablet available in just $159 (Nexus 7). What would be better than having all the flavors of a best tablet within such an affordable range?

All these Android tablets have gained the market share due to their low prices and inviting features. Apple tablets have their own standards and are successfully meeting the decisive factor of being the best tablets of the world, but not the cheap tablets.

Conclusively, the customers demanding cheap and rather competitive tablets should first go for Google tablets and if they feel that the quality matters more than money, then Samsung Tablets are the right option for them.

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