Best Tablets of 2012

Posted on Nov 16 2012 - 12:57pm by Bakhtawar Shaukat

Year 2012 has been a decisive and extremely busy year for the tablets making companies. Which company would take a lead and which one would lag behind is the most controversial issue now-a-days. This battle has successfully made the technology world, a blast! No one can say that Apple tablets are the best tablets of the year 2012 and it also can’t be said that the Samsung Tablets would win the tricky battle field. Same is the case with the Google tablets, you can’t distinguish Google tablets from other 2012 tablets. Android tablets, in this regard seem to take a lead in this regard due to the fact that about 87 % of tablets customers are shifting towards Android tablets because of their remarkable specs. But it is yet to be decided that which tablet would take the reward of being the best tablet.


Best Tablets of 2012

Best Tablets of 2012



Here is a list of some considerably best tablets of the year 2012;

  • Samsung Tablets (galaxy tabs and galaxy notes)
  • Android Tablets (Samsung tablets and Google tabs)
  • Apple tablets ( Ipad2 to 4 and mini Ipad)
  • Google Tablets (Nexus 7, Kindle Fire Etc)

Choosing the best tablet among all mentioned above is not an easy task. Let’s take at look at their specs;

Samsung Tablets: Samsung tablets include galaxy notes and galaxy tabs. The technology used in them is famous of all- the Android technology. Price ranges from $399 to $599 hence it cannot be said that the Samsung tablets, in any case, fall into the category of Cheap Tablets. Size ranges from 7 inch to 10 inch which is quite attractive one for users of smart phones. Hence, Samsung tablets seem to fall into the category of Best Tablets of 2012.

Google tablets and Android Tablets: Google tablets, operating on quite unique technologies (Android Jelly Bean) are becoming a high challenge for Apple tablets and Samsung Tablets. The most distinguishing feature that makes Google tablets competitive leaders is the lower price range when compared to other tablets of 2012.  Hence, giving them the title of “cheap tablets” would not be wrong.

Android tablets, according to me, are the best tablets of the year 2012. There are various reasons for giving them this entitlement, some of those are;

Android technology used in Android tablets is today’s demand of the customer, providing thousands of free applications. When we compare the availability of applications of android tablets and apple tablets, android takes a lead because of free applications available whereas in apple tablets, one must have to buy some applications that a badly needed by the customers. What would be the better option; having thousands of free applications for life time or a continuous need to purchase your required app? This is the factor that makes Apple to lag behind the Samsung tablets.

Cheap tablets are the demands of customers now-a-days so, the best tablet would be the one which is available in lower price and at affordable range

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