iPad 4 Vs Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

Posted on Nov 14 2012 - 8:58pm by Bakhtawar Shaukat

Samsung has introduced a new powerful device galaxy note 10.1, considered as a beautiful amalgamation of galaxy note and galaxy tab. On the other hand, the king of tablets, Apple Inc. has brought forward an advance form of iPad i-e iPad 4 or most commonly called as the fourth generation iPad.

It has now become difficult for a common man to choose between the two as both have their own specs and advantages meeting all the needs of time. iPad 4 when compared to the previous iPads is thought to be the best one having many new techniques and functions but Apple has to compete not only with products of its own type but also to its strong rivals, the strongest of which is Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1.




iPad 4 is a masterpiece of devices operating in IOS technology. IOS technology is well thought-out as the trademark of Apple devices and is being used in all iPads, iPhones and iPods. The most astonishing feature of iPad 4 is its retina display in which the highest resolution crystal display technology is used. The crystal clear display of iPad 4 is the main feature which is giving it a unique and remarkable competitive advantage over galaxy notes and tabs. The dual core Apple A6X processor of the fourth generation iPad has made it stunningly faster than galaxy note. Well, this is not the only reason of why Apple lovers could not even think of moving towards other products. Apple has gained this competitive advantage by working through back breaking hours of research and study. A question may arise in your mind when you heard of A6X chip processor that, “such a heavy processor will definitely effect its battery life”. And the answer is “.NO”. Apple technicians have designed it in such a way that the battery life of iPad 4 is more than any other tablet.

Having more than 275,000 applications seems a dream come true, the most exclusive of which are icloud, Imovie, facetime and siri.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, operating on the powerful project- Android OS is now the most powerful and challenging competitor of iPad 4. The reason of why many iPad customers are tending to move towards galaxy note is that galaxy note a combination of a tablet and a note. Customers take it as a huge advantage of having a cell phone and a tablet in one device as they won’t have to carry both devices separately.

The second unique feature is its multitasking. The user can now operate in two screens at a time by splitting the screen into sections. Now you can watch a video on one side and simultaneously note down the important points of that video on another side of the screen. For the sake of user’s ease, galaxy note has added an S pen module through which you can write your notes in your own handwriting in less than a minute.

Now, choice is yours.

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