iPhone 5 is a treat for Android

Posted on Jun 27 2012 - 4:30pm by Bakhtawar Shaukat

Apple-PassbookApple is considered the best among all phone companies that is why it does not want to see anyone going forward putting it beside. His management is always ready to tackle any problem that can be created by their competitors. First Apple was using Google for maps but then it stares down Google during their WWDC 2012 Keynote by releasing a new Maps app and better Siri integration. It is also said by them that it will bring an application that will help it in winning the war of smartphones. Digital folder has been introduced by Passbook. It will be used for for electronic tickets, such as boarding passes, movie tickets and even Starbucks cards. Using location technology the application will know where are you write now and then it will pull you movie ticket out when you will reach theater. This application is good on one end but bad on the other end because privacy will be no more which is the best part of Apple iPhones. Apple only focus is on developing software and applications rather than telling people when the new phone is releasing. Maps, Passbook, even Siri apps are seen as a new point in iOS 6 and will help iPhone 5 to look unique and more useful. Now the question is what does Passbook say about the smartphones? According to analysts and Apple, Passbook will also work with Near Field Communications (NFC) technology that was found in nearly every smartphone rumor for the past 3 years. Google is working now a day on eWallet that will allow users to rely on their devices rather than cash and cards for payments. This idea needs lots of working. The latest Android phone is Samsung galaxy S III that features NFC and work with googles wallet. Google wallet works in the same way as Passbook collecting digital tickets in one location. When Google wallet is paired with NFC it can be used to make payment even by simply tapping the device on a “PayPass” enabled device. Tim Cook mention Apple has 400 million accounts; each has a registered credit card. Apple ID accounts are the only way to register the new devices and help people purchases through either store. This is giving every user opportunity to make payment to Apple by tapping a button and entering the password. Apple is already using technology in its stores. It is giving user the liberty to go in the Apple apps store and find out easily what he or she wants. Like if a want a iPhone case, headphones or MagSage charger, I can find these in store. For buying I have to scan the barcode with my phone, enter the password and all done. The iPhone is associated with the Apple ID which is in turn linked with the credit card. If this rumor proves true that you can make payments with your iPhone 5 than you can easily imagine what will happen to Google and Android. They will face huge decline in their sales.

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  1. Joshua June 27, 2012 at 7:39 pm - Reply

    I’m sorry but this dribble reads like it was written by a primary schooler. NO citations for anything. pile of shit

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