Facebook Must Get a Woman on Its Board of Directors or Face Protest by Women’s Rights Activists

Posted on Apr 30 2012 - 5:22pm by Sidrah Zaheer

Women’s rights activists and advocates want equality for women in every single field. If a woman is not present on board anywhere, it is a prejudice environment that they sense. Not having a woman on Facebook’s board of directors is something that has not been done deliberately. It just is that way. But for women’s rights activists it is important that one be there be show equality toward women and prevalence of a fair environment. When it comes to Facebook’s user base, women make up 58% of it.

Recently, Mashable reported that Facebook’s New York City office was poured in with around 58,000 petitions asking that women or at least a woman be allowed a seat on the board of directors of Facebook. The deadline to do so that Facebook faces is before it goes public, which means only a few months. The strong statement of such a demand is being made by an online community, Ultraviolet, focused on expansion of women’s rights to fight off gender-bias everywhere. Now, it is just the petition. Their next planned step is a demonstration soon.

There is no doubt that women do add value to everything. It is not just about social networking and online media. If successful, this campaign might just prove to be a pioneer in making others make women count. They won’t then stop just at Facebook. Other companies, whether online or out there, they can be the next one to be demanded such an obligation of providing women’s rights on their board of directors. After all, you can’t ignore more than half the population.

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