Around 37% of Prospective Employers Search Social Media Profiles of Employees-To-Be

Posted on Apr 19 2012 - 5:40pm by Sidrah Zaheer

Though it might insane and totally unethical, but some employers have come to think that Facebook holds so much importance in their recruitment process that they asked for prospective employees’ passwords. One does understand the point of having to Google search a name of the person you are about to recruit and even make a visit online to his or her Facebook profile, but to ask for the social network’s password to access the profile from inside to see things that have been kept private is nothing short of outrageous.

No wonder that the government and Facebook itself jumped up to legislate against such Facebook passwords demands. Though, social media enthusiasts and entrepreneurs believe that day by day with the increase in social media’s power and its reach, how a person expresses him or herself online through various forums, social networks and online groups is very much important in defining a person’s identity and personality.

According to CareerBuilder survey, around 37% of employers are on a checkout for prospective employees on social media before they actually get to the point of hiring. Someone once said to me that mentioning in one’s resume “Facebooking” and “YouTubing” as part of one’s activities is “clearly frowned upon” in an office. Ironically, that person had asked me to apply for a social media position in an office she works at, which asked for one’s awareness of social media. Now, who had to eat their words?

For all of those who are looking to impress their employers should take care to express their selves openly online through such social media profiles as that of Facebook or YouTube or even Twitter, or any other, in a positive way. In fact, social media profile searches by employers is a good move since it will allow them to understand the person they are about to work along with. Once they are sure of your abilities, they can be sure of you as a person. It will help them develop a better team.

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