Instagram’s CEO Makes It Successfully Inspirational for Himself and His Company

Posted on Apr 10 2012 - 2:28pm by Sidrah Zaheer

Instagram’s CEO, Kevin Systrom, proved to be a genius as he had no formal engineering training and yet he has a great story to tell about his journey into making his company one of the leading photo-sharing apps online. Systrom is an active user on Quora. It shows his quest is endless and he likes to learn and share.

He is a self-taught programmer. His curiosity and passion led him to spend his evenings learning to program. One of the small programs he worked on was to combine some of the elements of Foursquare with Mafia Wars. In his words on Quora, Systrom describes his journey as saying:

“As my cofounder Mike Krieger likes to say, Instagram is an app that only took 8 weeks to build and ship, but was a product of over a year of work.”

His story is something that innovative entrepreneurs can get an inspiration from and making it to the Silicon Valley as a success story, especially when it has a public market value more than that of The New York Times. When Facebook bought it for $1 billion, it made The New York Times worth $50 million less.

This is also an indication of how much digital media has developed over the years. However, another fact to keep in mind is that being worth $1 billion still does not mean that it has achieved its mark in service.

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