Social Media Measuring Tools, Like Klout, Are Not Accurate

Posted on Mar 26 2012 - 6:24pm by Sidrah Zaheer

In an online world where social media influence is something that matters very much for an online website, business or a user to have some presence, Klout is considered so far to be the “gold standard” of measuring social influence. But a new study has revealed that the digital influence of Klout and other such social media measurement tools actually do not accurately take into account how much a user holds an influence on his or her networks.

When measuring influence, a tool some consider different aspects. All of these social media measuring sites take different aspects into account, however, leaving out one or the other aspect. Hence, it is not a very comprehensive and dependable measurement of online influence. Also, it is important to define what exactly digital influence is.

According to the report by The Altimeter Group, social websites ranking users do not measure influence as they claim to, but rather takes into account a potential to influence. Hence, having a potential not necessarily means that it has been realized into its peak effect. Thus, a user might be potentially socially influential, but might not necessarily be holding that influence out in the field.

There are some online social media websites that actually make their business out of delivering a certain number of followers on Twitter, a certain of fans and subscribers on Facebook, and similarly for other social networking sites, for an amount of money. Hence, this is creating fake social influence and bears no meaning. In fact, it might affect those who genuinely hold influence merely based on numbers.

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