MIT will Start Free Online Course on Electronics in March

Posted on Feb 22 2012 - 11:18am by Sidrah Zaheer

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, which is famously known simply as MIT has launched a free online “fully automated” course. The course will be on Electronics, so all of those geeks out there have the best offer. Anyone having an internet access and interest into the field of gadgetry can avail this opportunity of getting to learn immensely. It is a certificate course and those who clear it through online evaluation will be given a certificate upon succeeding.

The programme will start classes online from March and is part of a pilot programme for online education which the institute is referring to as MITx. The MITx open learning software will be offered free of cost. The purpose is to grant an opportunity to everyone in the world to receive a higher education and will be the first of its kind which comes at no cost to students. Using technology in such a positive manner could bring a lot of benefit and progress for human society at large.

Although there have been online courses for long, but they come with an entrance and registration conditions, whereas MIT, which is a renowned brand of knowledge, will offer it without any border restrictions to anyone in the world free of cost, which is a first of its kind. After the completion of the course, MIT will host a virtual community that might consist of millions of learners from around the world. Later on, more courses will be offered in the programme such as Maths, Physics, Biology and Chemistry. To learn further about the programme, click here.

MITx free online course

MITx free online course on Electronics

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