Kodak Decides to Change the Name of the Kodak Theatre Where Oscars Are Held

Posted on Feb 10 2012 - 8:16am by Sidrah Zaheer

Kodak Theatre has been the venue for hosting Academy Awards for almost a decade since 2002. But now the same place will not be the same anymore due to the difference in name. The 84th Academy Awards of 2012 will take place on February 26 at the same venue, but this time it is being called something else. The name change has not been decided yet.

Kodak has confirmed that it has filed for termination of contract with the CIM group, which owns the mall where the Kodak Theatre is located. Kodak signed a deal with the CIM group to have the theatre named after them in 2000 and agreed to pay $75 million over the period of the next 20 years. But due to its recent bankruptcy, Kodak is changing the name. So for now though, the Oscars will be held in the Kodak Theatre and perhaps will be referred to as such during live telecast of the ceremony.

They had a very famous tagline of having a “Kodak moment”, where people clicked their brand’s cameras to capture the memories, make videos and celebrate life. Now, that Kodak moment is history for one of the world’s oldest photographic companies. It was founded in 1880 by George Eastman, who was an American innovator and entrepreneur. He invented roll films that made making movies possible and the first motion picture was made in 1888 using a Kodak reel.

Oscar's Home

Kodak Theatre: Oscar's Home Since 2002

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