Robert Pattinson: A Movie Vampire Scared of a Circus Clown

Posted on Feb 1 2012 - 7:23am by Sidrah Zaheer

The brave vampire, Edward Cullen that we see on screen in the Twilight movies, is actually afraid of circus clowns in real life as Robert Pattinson. Yes, Robert has a childhood fear of circus clowns that he developed after he saw a tragedy happen at a family outing while visiting a circus. But for filming Water for Elephants (2011), he had to overcome those fears.

The actor fondly known as R-Patz to his fans starred with Reese Witherspoon, where he had to play a role of a veterinary student who joins a circus. But he is not alone in this phobia as it is reported that rapper P-Diddy as well as Johnny Depp both suffer from a fear of clowns known as coulrophobia. According to Dr. Victor Thompson from London Psychology Clinic, fear of clowns can be due to a variety of reasons.

Especially, when during childhood, if you see a clown with a crazy face, you get scared sometimes and that terror remains with you even when you grow up to logically know this is not real. Impressions formed at an early age when mind is easily moldable stay with us for a long time and come out in ways hard to recognize. So for those of you who are actually afraid of anything like a clown or suffer from any other phobia, just try to overcome it in the same way as Robert Pattinson did, which is to not run away from that terrifying thing.

Robert Pattinson and the elephant

Robert Pattinson with the elephant

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